Running EPT-1
IBA, Jobs & Project partner and V2I with UCL and UNamur to define the future of Proton Therapy delivery techniques with FLASH and Grid Therapies.
Running M2-Target
M2-Target aims to develop a non-invasive imaging method for the detection and quantification of M2 macrophages.
Running BoneRec
The BoneRec project aims to develop a new tissue-engineered product indicated for bone reconstruction.
Running FAR
Promoting the use of antibody fragments as carriers of radioactive isotopes.
Running NeuroInsights
Development of a digital health platform to connect the daily life of the patient suffering from Parkinson's disease to the interdisciplinary team of care providers and clinicians
Running CE4BIG
CE4BIG (Feb 2020 – Jan 2022) – Cluster Excellence for Business Innovation and Growth in the Health Sector
Development of improved and innovative inhaled therapies through combining Innovative Drug Formulation Technology with Innovative Pulmonary Delivery Device Technology
Running Inteliphages
Development of a powerful therapy to fight antimicrobial resistance.
Running Single Cells
Development of an innovative approach for the control of microbial subpopulation in bioprocesses. Wagralim R&I project, co-led by BioWin.
Running NanoCardio
The NanoCardio project aims to develop systems for the early diagnosis of atherosclerosis and the risks resulting from it
Running 3D4Med
3D4Med is an Interreg France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen project which objective is to develop innovative 3D shape memory matrices for tissue engineering in order to rebuild, regenerate or replace the…
Running NeMs4BIO
BioWin is investing in NeMs4BIO, a demo case that aims to meet the challenges of incorporating microfluidics in various fields such as medtech and biomanufacturing
SAFE-N-MEDTECH, a new European H2020 NMBP (Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing) medtech project, has just been launched
Running S3martMed
The aim of this project is to map the skills of each region as well as their needs, whether they be on the financial, business or regulatory front, in order to make the SMEs in the sector sustainable…
Running Arc Protonthérapie
Project co-led by MecaTech and BioWin. The project aims to develop an innovative variation of the classical technique of delivery of proton therapy by intensity modulation. This new technique is…
Running MAGIA
The project of the COSME programme MAGIA – the MedTech Alliance for Global Internationalization - is dedicated to supporting the internationalization of SMEs
Running CardiAmmonia
Project co-led by MecaTech and BioWin
Running Modular 01
Modular 01 project consists of the development of a new generation synthesizer dedicated to the production of radiopharmaceuticals used as diagnostic (tracers) or therapies.
Running iCone

Human iPSC-derived Cortical Neurons for Research and Development.

Running eLISA

For the past ten years, researchers and doctors have considered sleep as a major public health issue. In particular, sleep apnea syndrome is frequently cited.

Biostatistical Estimation of Net Effects for Individualization of Therapy
Running CQIntégré
Development of integrated device for Quality Control of radio-tracers
Running Technimed
Long-term work-study programme for job seekers, for candidates having completed one or more years of a university degree or higher education in science wishing to become a versatile production…
Running 4cells
To take up the challenges of the BioProduction, cell therapy and regenerative medicine sector, 4 training centres, 2 universities and BioWin have decided to combine their experience and expertise,…
Running Bioinformatics
This project aims to meet the emerging requirements of biotech companies by creating a professional training programme leading to a qualification in biostatistics, and an advanced bioinformatics…
The BioPharE (“Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Excellence”) project has thus been designed as THE core project with a view to developing critical skills for cross-disciplinary integration,…
Running STIP
The STIP project steers students in higher education towards Walloon businesses operating in innovative sectors with a view to carrying out long-term work placement
Development of a neuronal technology to detect and treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Innovative immunotherapy approaches to treat breast cancer patients
Glaucoma Management Implant System
Statistical Monitoring Applied to Research Trials
Assembly of an artificial ovary combining isolated human ovarian follicles, fibrin and a textile pocket
Creation of a technological platform to administer medicines by pulmonary route
Identification of new types of biomarkers and tracers for the in vivo molecular imaging of the pancreatic Beta-cell mass
New tools to diagnose cancer and optimize cancer treatments
Discovery of new targets for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease
Development and validation of new molecules to restore the immune response against cancer cells
Development of inhaled synergetic combinations for the treatment of resistant respiratory infections

Development and validation of a local treatment for cervix cancer resulting from human papillomavirus infection

Running BIDMED
Application of « Big data » digital technologies in the healthcare sector
Running Improve
Optimization of the treatment with HepaMune in fibro-inflammatory chronic liver diseases
Running TreatBest
Treatment of breast cancer with epigenetic specific tools
Running IT-Targets
Identification of drug candidates and biomarkers for immunotherapy (cancer and autoimmune diseases)
3D Printed Biomaterials and OPTimized for Regeneration Oral Bone
Prostate cancer imaging by Positron Emission Computed Tomography
Running BIOCLOUD 4.0

The health sector sees the emergence of new generations of innovative therapies, among which promising approaches are related to gene and cell therapies.

Running FRISBY
Fast and Reliable ultra-sensitive Identification of Streptococcus B at deliverY
Embolus permanent protector stent-filter
Running CARDIA-X

Nexeon MedSystems Belgium is developing an innovative and non-invasive neurostimulation product for the treatment management of patients suffering from atrial fibrillation (AF).

Clinical evaluation of a new personalized viscosupplementation treatment against osteoarthritis based on innovative biomaterials and a personalized medicine ICT platform
Development of Innovative Holographic Cancer Markers
Handheld Allergens Detector
Pcr And RApid Detection Integrated System
Aortic VAlve TransApically Resected and Replaced
Medical Resource Real-Time Optimizer
New 188Re-radiolabelled monoclonal antibodies in the fight against liver metastases
Gallium-68 Automated Generator and Equipments
Development and production of DNA vaccines without antibiotic resistance gene
Holographic Analyses Devices
Tools and methods towards the exploitation of a cyclotron-based hadrontherapy facility
Bacterial resistance assay in real time PCR on array for patients with Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP)
Development of a new diagnostic method of arthritis
Development of new cell-based in vitro models for ADME/Toxicity screening, based on human adult progenitor/stem cells
Chitosan-based Targeting Drug Delivery Systems (Cs-tDDS) and their Proof of Concept
Bacteria and Resistance to Antibiotics.
Study of interaction between stent, arterial wall and blood related to atherosclerosis disease.
Drug-releasing electrode with enhanced properties
Development of new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of inflammatory mono-arthritis combining “novel” anti-TNF-α and viscoelastic scaffold