About us

BioWin was created in July 2006 and today is the key reference in the field of health biotechnology and medical technologies in Wallonia (a region located south of Brussels, Belgium). The cluster brings together Walloon players who are involved, at every stage, in the research, development and production of innovative products and services: academic and clinical research laboratories, accredited research centres, large industrial groups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), service providers, engineering colleges and universities, business incubators, investors, policy makers and associated bodies.




Our mission

BioWin’s aims are to speed up innovation (1) in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow faced by the public health sector and (2) to develop knowledge, job opportunities and the competitive edge of all players in the health sector community in Wallonia. 


Our vision

BioWin seeks to support Wallonia in implementing its strategy aimed at achieving international recognition for the excellence of its academic, clinical and industrial research environment in the field of health technology and medical technologies. 

Notre Stratégie

  • To bring players together

    • Strengthen and organize the community by integrating its players into high potential sectors and by actively involving all categories of members.  
    • Use limited resources more effectively to maximize the return on investment in research.
    • Firmly anchor biotech companies to the cluster by reinforcing national (with the Brussels and Flanders regions) and international links.
      • Leverage synergy between companies and organisations to avoid efforts being needlessly repeated and to develop a collaborative approach:
        • with organisations that fund research: Welbio, FNRS, IMI, etc.
        • with the support of: Wallonia Biotech Coaching, business incubators, venture capitals, investment funds and investors.
    • To speed up innovation

      To speed up innovation

      • Foster the emergence of ambitious research projects focused on high potential technological sectors by developing a broad and collaborative approach within the cluster as well as with other clusters, and this regardless of the type of project funding (public or private, regional, European, international)
      • Guide entrepreneurs/researchers towards the right sources of funding for their projects.


      • Assist in building and monitoring collaborative projects.
      • Support the members of the cluster in the promotion of the economic benefits of their research findings.
      • Inform its members on the issues and challenges related to intellectual property; contribute to the promotion of rare research findings.
    • To enhance excellence

      • Select the best R&D projects or infrastructures in our high potential sectors, based on international and independent assessment conducted by peers. For this purpose, the cluster acts more as a “vector for growth” than a “project factory”.
      • Develop the expertise of our members by organizing tailored training courses and anticipate their needs.
      • Contribute to attracting new foreign businesses that will develop the community and fill any gaps in our priority sectors. 
      • Foster synergy between partners for international projects thereby ensuring that resources are pooled and used effectively.
      • Secure the enduring membership of companies to the cluster by reinforcing the synergy between different players in the community and by creating critical masses. 
    • To closely monitor technological developments

      • Keep track of developments in technological areas/value chains that have been identified as showing the highest potential in Wallonia.
      • Identify new and emerging areas of development (Smart Specialization).
    Fédérer bring together

    To bring players together

    Accélérer l'innovation Accélérer

    To speed up innovation

    Renforcer l'excellence Renforcer

    To enhance excellence

    Monitoring Monitoring

    To closely monitor technological developments