BioWin supports you in engaging in international development by providing services that enhance your visibility and your global position, organizing targeted and theme-based events aimed at expanding your network. We also provide support in building international projects.




Enhance your visibility and create opportunities to access global markets

BioWin is extremely proactive in promoting the technological strengths of Wallonia in the health sector abroad. We place particular emphasis on highlighting the expertise, skills and potential of players in Wallonia in the field of innovation in the cluster’s different strategic focus areas.

We provide you with numerous communication and information resources aimed at enhancing your visibility and promoting your expertise for your contacts with international players (theme-based brochures, press events, speaker-presentation opportunities at international events, website, blog, newsletters, etc.)




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Build your network and meet potential partners

BioWin is in contact with the world’s most innovative regions to help you connect with the best possible partners. We offer you global networking events by making extensive use of networks and our partners’ organisations (hubs, clusters, science and technology parks). By working closely with the AMEX (Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency) and the WBI (World Bank Institute), we organize first-class events with different aims to help you in your development (R&D, strategic or business partnerships). The different events that we coordinate are:

  • The organisation of networks in line with our strategic focus areas (theme-based seminars, B2B appointments, site visits, etc.) and in collaboration with other clusters (both within and outside Europe).
  • The presence of delegations at international Biotech-Medtech trade fairs (BioWin/AWEX programme).
  • The participation to international networks such as CEBR, Council of European BioRegions or eu.reca, European Respiratory Cluster Antwerp. BioWin sits in the Governing Board of CEBR and in the Advisory Board of eu.reca. The cluster is also involved in the networks Rad4Med (The Belgian Network for Radiation Applications in Healthcare) and EDCA (European Diagnostic Clusters Alliance).




Contact Marc Dechamps: marc.dechamps@biowin.org



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Build an international collaborative project

  • BioWin has created a European division to provide you with support in building strategic technological partnerships with European partners by responding to calls for proposals launched by the European Commission. The support we provide is mainly focused on the Horizon 2020, IMI and Eurostars funding programmes as well as structural funding.
  • Furthermore, our strong network of European partners enables us to take part in inter-cluster projects that target the cluster’s strategic focus areas. In this way we complete our regional strategic aims. For all of these projects, particular emphasis is placed on providing support to SMEs (vouchers for companies, support group for companies developing opportunities outside the EU, etc.)

Building a European project

Would you like to find out more about our support in building European projects? Contact Joëlle Gahimbare


Presentation of our portfolio of European projects

Would you like to find out more about our portfolio of European inter-cluster projects? Contact Joëlle Gahimbare